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The gym is dead tonight, but tonight and Tuesday is going to be better for me.

Mondays are usually a wash and Wednesday I'm sure I'll be in a party mood.

"His mother was quite unembarrassed about her failure to grasp the intangible, which struck him as her sole admirable characteristic." 😂

I found a low voltage lav mic that will work with the wireless system I'm interested in.

Who needs money, right? You can always earn more.

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I think I'm going to put custom firmware on my camera and get a pair of wireless microphones.

If the story is compelling, no one will care that the sound quality is just ok.

The Thai live stream I've been watching all week is over! I can finally have my life back!

Put a bunch of professional sound engineers in a room. Tell them you are trying to determine if there is any audible difference between a $500 DAC and one that costs ten times as much.

But, don't actually change anything. Play the same example twice over the exact same equipment.

I bet 100% of them describe the more expensive sounding one as warmer, more detailed, wider sound stage, etc.

Is there a website like Kickstarter, but instead of the seller setting the prices, there's an open auction/bidding system?

Fiat does not have a good relationship with Leo's younger brother.

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it does seem a tiny bit counterproductive that you can't see a mastodon image description on a CWed image until you click "show sensitive content" or w/e

I should be able to stop watching five famous actors on a couch having a conversation in a language I can't understand.

I'm feeling overwhelmed by the volume of resources available to help me write a story. I guess that's…good?

It doesn't bother me in the slightest when someone is on the treadmill at the gym, but for some reason I want to tell this guy to stop!

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There's someone marching around the parking lot in circles and it's stressing me out.

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Yesterday I learned that Virgin Media is inserting itself into some of my DNS requests [1]. Much as I am not a fan of how powerful Cloudflare are, if they are telling the truth about their DNS, then it's safe, so I followed their instructions [2] and then removed the default DNS [3] and hopefully my Internet will work now.

More like Pixelfad, amirite?

Pretty soon we'll all be back on Instagram, I mean, Meta, where you can don a VR helmet and gloves. Inside the metaverse you will see a 3D hand holding a 3D phone with Instagram running on it.

I just looked through all 5000 of this guy's pictures and I think they are pretty great.

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