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i highly recommend the "advanced view" if you haven't tried it yet

it was the original UI for mastodon before the new one happened

it's really useful and customizable and yeah

i love it

i run mine with five columns (six if you count the compose box column)

from left to right: notifs, home, local, a special list for friends, and then the "getting started" thing

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Does anyone have any "atmospheric" YouTube videos you like to put on to read or study?

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good morning yall!! happy Thanksgiving

am rlly thankful to be part of such an amazing community as this and it's been great

can't believe I've been on fedi for like 4 years now

I can tell that the people ahead of me in line are Korean because of their language and impeccable taste in wardrobe.

"The joys of space exploration"…?

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> Microsoft Windows 10 sends all new unique binaries for further analysis to Microsoft by default. They run the executable in an environment where network connectivity is available.

Is this what they call a free cloud computing environment :thinking_cirno:

Another hot Columbian on TikTok.

What's a simple-minded American like me to do?

I'm getting better at spotting lav mics.

Can't unsee, I guess.

I listened to a couple albums tonight but nothing made the cut.

Bounce with it, drop with it
Lean with it, rock with it, snap with It
All my ladies pop ya' backs with it 🎵

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