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Drinking out of a plastic cup makes me feel like I'm at a party.

Covid test results expected any minute ⏱️

Starting tomorrow, New York State will begin tracking how many people are admitted to the hospital because of covid symptoms vs how many happen to test positive but were admitted to the hospital for other reasons.

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Our brains literally evolved to NOT pay attention to boring stuff

We are forced to do boring things because that keeps other folks wealthy

The reason why you want to do hobbies all day is that you were supposed to be an artisan

Artisans were once seen to be the clearest sign of civilisation, not a burden

We have enough food now that all humanity could master the lyre

But we have chosen coin

and coin does not sing

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Covid, managing expectations 

Well, the next letter in the Greek alphabet is pi, so that should be fun right? :blob_fucking_weird_cat:

Honestly, I hate that life is so grueling. I really want it to be beautiful and peaceful and fun. Instead of a death march, maybe it could be more like a death…walk.

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I'm not going to wake up early to read anymore. If I happen to wake up early I might read, but I'm not going to set my alarm earlier. I also need to be less consistent about going to the gym. Last week was exhausting and overwhelming.

The snow does make for a dramatic looking football game.

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Happy New Year! January 1st is Public Domain day in the United States. All film, books, poetry, photos, and scores originally published in 1926 are now in the Public Domain in the US. Additionally, and significantly, this year marks the first time that any Audio Recordings have entered the public domain. You, and all Americans, now own more than 400,000 of these historic recordings. What does it all mean? And which works are in the public domain now?

What it's like to be friends with a link-spamming bot

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ready for the new years countdown on my animal crossing island

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Finally, it’s 2022. Year of the Linux Desktop.

The sun sets on Hertel Avenue for the last time in 2021.

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I fear I've stumbled upon the DNC's strategy for the 2022 midterms. 😐

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Hab mal wieder ein bisschen Licht ausgepackt. Kann man an #Silvester mal machen :D

If Nonplot "art films" went hot and were raking in money, the avant-garde would revolt, denounce Hollywood for selling out to portraiture, and seize the Classical for its own.—Robert McKee

Bro, I'm just trying to learn how to write a screenplay. 😅

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