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Sometimes I hear myself say, "good morning," but then I think, that didn't sound very friendly. 🤔

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Retroish computers. Its modern hardware in old cases. On the left has a ASROCK ITX board and the right a RPI3.

Big Oil’s banner year: Higher prices, record profits, less oil

Feb 07, 2012

coauthored by Jackie Weidman and Rebecca Leber

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Today I learned that what is known as "Arabic Numbers" in many parts of the world, is *not* used in the Arabic world. In the Arabic world they use "Eastern Arabic Numerals"

I have four virtual machines. I went to each one and tried to ping the other three. The results were not quite what I had expected. 😅

I guess Routing Is Hard. ™️

I'll pester support tomorrow.

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@stevenroose Try Migadu if you haven't already. It supports infinite domains and mailboxes. They only charge for input/output.

All their rules are soft with lots of tolerance before cutting you off.

The SMTP server should be programmatically accessible. It's just normal SMTP.

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How do you deal with the heat? 🥵 Now I'm right next to the air conditioner 🥶 😇

First world pizzaholic problems 

It was still "a good one" (so far as pizzas go), but I should have just made the leftovers.

Or I could, you know, eat something less cholesterol-laden; even plant based… but let's not go crazy. 😅

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First world pizzaholic problems 

I took the leftovers out 5 times, and they looked so good, but I just knew the wouldn't be as good as fresh. So I ordered. The oven tender quoted me one hour. I figured it's a Friday night and they're crazy busy, and they're usually their best at their busiest. I was 13 minutes away so I took the scenic route and arrived at the pizzeria in 30 minutes.

It was completely dead, there was not even one other customer, and the pizza had obviously come out a while ago. 😔

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Look who just arrived at my sons house. I guess that makes me a grandfather. Yikes!

I keep thinking about this. Asset price inflation is inflation! But we celebrate it because, "woo look at my stocks!"

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If you're anything like me, you'll thoroughly enjoy this conversation about everything that's been going on with the global economy over the past one hundred years or so.

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