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i heard Linux is the dominant operating system on mars

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I couldn't work on the music video this afternoon, but I can work on it now.

I'm trying to, as much as possible, take advantage of my natural interests and energy levels.

I'm trying not to swim against the current. I'm just vibin'

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I'm putting together a music video using clips from one of my favorite TV shows and music by some of my favorite artists.

I am entirely banking on YouTube for licensing.

I'm taking my own advice by not recording the music or filming the video; just skipping to the end product as quickly and easily as possible. By using professional media, everything already sounds and looks amazing and has an audience. It's like bumper bowling.

Merlin was singing this on a podcast recently, so it was in my head.

Jane Child cover trending on Tiktok 🤪

I always think I want to spend more time editing videos, but I don't actually like editing videos.

It's Sunday afternoon and I guess it's time to decide what I really want out of life, because if I'm not pursuing that now, then when will I?

Reading a printed web page is strange. I had to fight the compulsion to scroll instead of turning the page.

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Cafe was busy so I'm chilling in my car.

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With me to the cafe I'm bringing three printed book reviews, a paper book I'm almost done with, two paper books I haven't started, two paper books of poetry, my kindle with a gazillion books on it, my laptop, and my phone, because god forbid I feel bored for even one second.

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i remembered these things as a kid. back then i was like wow you can put these things together and they can interact with each other that's so cool.

There were so many commercials during in break in Jeopardy that I thought the show was over and turned off the TV. 😂

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Working a bit on mastofs a tool to expose Mastodon API as a 9P filesystem #thefutureisfiles

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