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hi masto, I promise I haven't forgotten about y'all, it's just super quiet here so I don't check in super often

what you've missed in recent updates of klardotsh:

- I went to Southeast Alaska for a weekend. my god, most beautiful place I've ever been; more convinced than ever I'll move there some day

- I bought a sailboat

- I learned how to sail today in quite a wind and wave storm, and neither I nor my coworker died or was thrown overboard! please clap.

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I could go to the gym, but I think the dog will be happier with a walk, and I'll be happier tomorrow if I go to bed earlier.

I recorded my first interview podcast.

I brought all this studio gear and yet I'm not sure I wouldn't have been better off either just using my phone, or bringing two phones and handing one to the guest. πŸ€”

Maybe next time I'll do both.

Why is it always expressed as "ending up in" Bangkok?

No one can choose to go there? You can only "end up" there.

I can't remember why I came to this location one day, but I started reading a book here and now I associate the mood of it with this spot.

There are many urban ideals exemplified in this neighborhood: two story buildings, closely built multi family homes, and no parking lots.

These were legal for a long time, illegal for a long time, and now legal again under the "green code."

The roads are overly broad, but at least the sidewalks are broad as well.

It's a perfectly lovely day to get coffee and read on the deck, but I'm still in the mood to read at the cafe πŸ€”

insect death 

This is the neighbor's car.

Last night going to the gym, it sounded like it was raining. 😳

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Back home, showered, wash the bike and done! Here are some nature pictures of my route πŸš΅β€β™‚οΈ 🌳

@mastobikes #bicycle #mountainbike #jacket #rain #cycle #bike

Here's a cool tune by bassist Reid Anderson to start off your Sunday.

Are there any industries that would improve my chances of working with people who are particularly kind and conscientious?

I don't know if Docker is like this everywhere, but on Clear Linux, you can specify the kata runtime so that each container has its own kvm.

How fancy.

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The Docker Way is pretty easy. You just pull the image you want, run it with whatever settings, and there's no step three.

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I guess I'm doing to do things The Docker Way because I can't seem to get Plex set up in a container of my own design.

I got a camo hoodie so I can LARP as a heterosexual.

"Extremely low system requirements.
Can be run by computers with a 1.2GHz CPU and 1GB of RAM." 😳

If that's "low," I'm old. πŸ˜‚

Late night at the gym because it's Friday babby πŸ˜‹

And I recalculated my squats since I flunked out last week 😳

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Yesterday I finally did a hike that I had on my bucket list for ages. Five peaks (1,948, 2,216, 2,262, 2,308 and 1,914 meters), 850 meters of ascent, 1,350 meters of descent on just under 17 kilometers of distance.

#hiking #outdoors #landscape #alps #austria #styria #photography #landscapephotography #nature #nikon
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