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72000 likes on the YouTube trailer vs 4 likes on the paid version on Vimeo :oof:

I guess ad supported media is the only way to go these days.

food, dairy 

It's back after 30 years!

I guess I will just relax. This is what I get for overdoing it at the gym and then staying up late editing last night

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Trying to decide if I'm too sore to deadlift, and if so, what I should do instead.

In case you're wondering to what heights western civilization has arisen, today it was my job to write checks to show the bank, void them, and then write the real checks.

I'm a not a libertarian, but sometimes I wonder if society will just regulate itself out of existence.

I'm going to have to listen to this one again at home and write down all the author and book references.

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I'm meditating, taking my vitamins, going to the gym, and working on projects…I'm doing everything but eating well 😅

Story idea: a meditation timer battery runs out mid-session. The person ends up meditating for the rest of their life.

I had fun editing a music video tonight 🎥

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Person getting their COVID shot, pride and trans flags, :D 

"Pharmacist Eugene Woo delivers an AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine to a person at Davie Pharmacy in Vancouver on April 20. (Ben Nelms/CBC)"

Tonight I'm trying to avoid a repeat performance of last night, when I ate too much pizza, skipped the gym, and then didn't sleep well.

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it's 3am and it's too nice and calm to go to sleep, even though i have nothing special to do and i'm a bit too tired to do anything

just sit here, watching the dawn and listening to birds singing outside my window

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they call them AAA games because you cant be bothered to input your name for the high score

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