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The total cost of this regulation-induced sprawl in the United States may be enormous. According to one study, if just three cities – New York City, San Jose and San Francisco – loosened their rules against building denser housing to the national average level of restrictiveness, millions would move to jobs that made the best use of their skills and total US GDP would be 8.9% higher. This would translate into average American wages being $8,775 higher per year.

The housing theory of everything

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I'm not sure what kind of clouds these are, but they look cool.

I was flipping through my journal this morning. Just a couple months ago, I was looking for a Thai teacher, thinking about starting a podcast, and setting up a Pleroma instance for guests.

Now I'm well into the Thai lessons, and all the infrastructure for the podcast is in place.

I often feel really stuck in life, so it's nice to have some evidence that I do actually accomplish things. πŸ˜…

If I make a habit of tidying up during football games, my house should be livable by Christmas.

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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

Today I retired the fax server from the old office.

I never wanted to update it because I was afraid things would break. Hylafax was very tricky to configure.

I had it in the back of my mind that I should probably replace it eventually, but the business was sold before that could happen.

The power was very stable at the old office, as was 32-bit Debian, so I got an impressive uptime.

I brought it home to run SerenityOS or Minix. It's i686.

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Bulk until you hate your body; cut until you hate life.

I de-iced the freezer with a blow dryer. It was a lot easier than I thought. The ice came out in big chunks.

I guess being so well insulated, the box works either way.

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I wonder how many educators are on here.

There were thriving communities of educators on Tumblr and Twitter, but Tumblr's went to heck after moderated hashtags went away and Twitter is ... Twitter.

The fediverse has, but that's more of an instance for college/university level academics. I'd like to connect with other K-12 educators.

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Stupid Life Tricks: turn off your phone, just say no to jerks

"There’s no real momentum or pacing to Yakuza Princess, merely a shaggy assemblage of scenes jumping between characters and continents with little distinction between meat and filler."

It's funny because it's true! But I don't see it as criticism; I see it as a compliment.

There's advice in story telling to "skip the boring parts."

Yakuza Princess is fun, and sometimes that's all a movie needs to be.

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