@xrevan86 @moonman Huh. I was like 90% sure @schestowitz was just automated crossposting. I can see why servers would silence him - on small/ low traffic instances he could totally swamp a public timeline. I never saw him post anything that would merit a ban imo tho. (But I also muted him a while ago b/c of the aforementioned tidal wave of posts.)

@frankiesaxx @xrevan86 @schestowitz I normally keep him muted too but sometimes I read his posts.

@moonman @xrevan86 There should really be a setting less than "silence" that *only* mutes an account in the public timelines but still lets them show up in hashtags and expanded conversations.

Mastodon docs only say "silence" mutes someone in the public timelines, so I'm not sure if the feature is buggy or if the muting in conversations/hashtags is undocumented, deliberately or otherwise - hard to tell with Mastodon since there's a security-by-obscurity attitude.

@frankiesaxx And apparently Mastodon does have sandboxing, I assume that is what @schestowitz meant by:
> As it turned out, the Mastodon[.technology] network had effectively shadowbanned me for months.

@xrevan86 @schestowitz
He means "silence" - I don't know how it's implementerad on GS but on Mastodon it hides the account from all public timelines conversation expansion hashtag results.

Which is fine, there are use cases for that, but there ought to be one that *just* hides the account in public timelines, but it shows up in hashtag searches and conversation threading. (Essentially makes its posts "unlisted" on that server.)

@frankiesaxx @xrevan86 @schestowitz this is how muting used to work, but it was changed. I prefer the old way better, but I hope lists will solve this problem in the future.

@kai Muting is kind of flakey too, like it doesn't mute boosted toots.

I was talking abt the admin options, though. Right now the options are "silence" which hides all posts by a user (or all users on the silenced instance) in all contexts, except from people who follow them, and "suspend" which blocks them entirely.

It would be nice if there was an option that admins could use that *only* hid posts from the public timelines. I'm thinking for like high volume bots.

@xrevan86 @schestowitz


@frankiesaxx @xrevan86 @schestowitz oh sorry! But I would find it useful as a user level option as well 😋

@kai @xrevan86 @schestowitz Yeah it really would be. "Mute" works a lot more like a soft block than I expect it to. (With the exception of still allowing boosted posts through.)

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